Bobbito Garcia “Kool Bob Love” Air Force Ones

“Cactus” Bobbito Air Force Ones

“Aubergine” Bobbito Air Force Ones

“Pilgrim” Bobbito Air Force Ones

For someone who did so much, Nike had no better way to thank Bobbito Garcia than with a three pair set collaboration on the Air Force Ones.

Bobbito Garcia and sneakers go way back – WAY back! Bobbito was from the generation where sneakers were far from being a mainstream item. Believe it or not, back in his early days, people weren’t bothered too much by wearing their shoes. Collecting deadstock shoes was something unheard of at the time. Sneakers were for wearing, and mostly, for balling on the playground courts.

Bobbito was first recognized by the masses as a “sneakerhead” after the Hip Hop magazine “The Source” published an article he wrote titled “Confessions of a Sneaker Addict” in 1992. Since that moment, Bobbito has done several commercials for Nike, owned his own sneaker shops, and wrote the legendary sneaker book “Where’d You Get Those?”

Nice Kicks was fortunate enough to speak to Bobbito Garcia to ask him about his inspiration for the Air Force Ones that he designed. All three pairs Bobbito wanted to create something never seen before, but still with good taste. His goal was to make a shoe that would appeal to the younger sneakerheads, but still have certain elements such as a white midsole and white shoelaces that the older crowd was more accustom to.