“Cactus” Bobbito Air Force Ones

Model: Air Force 1 Premium
Release Date: 04/21/2007
Price: $125
Product Code: 316892-731
Color: Wheat/Bright Cactus-Beach
Availability: Tier Zero
Info: Air Force 1 Release Dates

The “Kool Bob Love” Air Force Ones had everything that sneakerheads were waiting for. The prior Air Force Ones released in 2007, the big 25th Anniversary of the Air Force 1, were mostly sport inspired. At last, Nike releases a shoe collaborated with someone who has one foot in hip hop as well as another in basketball. Oh yeah, don’t forget about having a foot in sneaker culture as well. The shoes encompass Bobbito’s two “Loves”; basketball and music. This is depicted by the logo of a hand on a basketball and another on a record.