Agenda Report // Sights and Sounds at Agenda Miami

New York City, a sneaker Mecca by all accounts, up until last year was an annual stop on the Agenda Show circuit. Now, in exchange for warmer temperatures and a newly enthusiastic audience, Agenda Miami is underway for the very first time.

Deeply rooted in fashion with an emerging art scene, the Miami show is nestled tightly within the Wynwood district, one spirited with visual stimulants that grow from a region once prized only in its desolation. The venue, Miami’s MANA Wynwood, sits squarely within the art filled residence. And at the onset of this the first day of the two-day show, an eager crowd flooded the showroom floor as early as 9am.

Laughter, the loud pop of hand shakes and a youthful energy filled the wide open space sectioned off by sizable booths. Onlookers took their first gander of the well curated space, packed to the brim with the latest and greatest in apparel, footwear and accessories from leading and emerging brands alike.

Agenda Miami

Similar to the looks on display, the crowd in Miami didn’t disappoint in terms of on-foot look. Everything from Yeezys to Boosts to more Boosts populated the room, while rare Jordans, ASICS and Balenciaga gems equally impressed. However, and this is not at all overstated, all-white Ultra Boosts were undoubtedly the most worn shoe of the day.

Retro running silhouettes were also a big play. A kid, no older than 18, successfully adorned the Diadora “Purple Tape” collaborative release with Raekwon, although I’m certain he wasn’t old enough to recite lyrics from the 1995 masterpiece. Others leaned towards ASICS runners, many of which were Ronnie Fieg collabs. Then there were the Blazers, in all their vintage glory, seen best in a brushed suede pink pair with white accents, especially rich in texture.

But above all, and as evident as possible, the tide had turned in adidas’ favor. Yeezys, Boosts, Stans, Superstars and Busenitz iterations tipped the scales. Forgoing guessing wearer ratios, the numbers seemed heavily slighted towards Three Stripes. Fortunately, this didn’t come at the cost of variety.

Agenda Miami

Individual style was king. No two people looked too closely aligned, even if in the same or similar pair of shoes. Miami shined. They glistened bright with signature pieces and staples, rarely on understated garments meant to heighten another. It was boisterous, flamboyant yet not over the top. An old man with receding grey hair in a long cardigan and baggy chinos had on the freshest pair of Stans, almost as if to say “I once did this better than you all, and I still could if I wanted to.”

His style, and that of others peppered throughout the venue, exemplified the presence of great taste bursting with grandeur. Day two should bring more of the same. If nothing else, it’ll be fun to see how many more pairs of white Ultra Boost I can count.

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