adidas Launches “Infinite Play” Campaign to Combat Fashion Waste

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For the last couple of years, we’ve seen adidas at the forefront of innovative technology that not only prioritizes great product but upholds a mission of sustainability with its Parley campaign and its 4D models.

In light of that, adidas has launched its “Infinite Play” campaign to collect any adidas branded produced in exchange for a gift card and loyalty club points. adidas has teamed up with Stuffstr for this UK-only program in an effort to re-use products into new materials.

The process is relatively simple. You can only return a product that hit retailers within the past five years and will be accepted in any condition as long as the minimum estimated value of £20 or ($26 USD). You’ll upload details regarding the specific items to the adidas site or app. The items can then be picked up from your home or given a Freeposr option so send the products to a local post office.

Learn more about “Infinite Play” below. While the buy-back program isn’t set to debut in the states just yet, keep an eye out from the Brand with the Three Stripes for more.

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