absent Releases “Unathletic” Sandals in Latest Collection

absent took to Twitter recently to announce the release of their latest “unathletic” collection, revealing a limited-run sandal from the future.

absent is, without doubt, an up-and-coming streetwear brand that should be on your radar. The young team is known for releasing high-quality pieces at an affordable rate and has proven to be one of this year’s more tasteful design houses amongst developing streetwear brands. What’s even more impressive is that they’re doing it all themselves. Grass roots!

The latest collection features a rhinestone embroidered hoodie with a pair of futuristic-feeling sandals, both sharing the unathletic ‘ABSENT’ logo. The sandal features an adjustable strapping mechanism on the fabric upper, with an all black rubber midsole. The collection is now live this morning in limited quantities at absentusa.com. Meanwhile, take a look at the pieces below and be sure to follow brand owner Parker Jeppsen for updates on future drops.

Check out the collection below

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