A Detailed Look at the Air Jordan 1 “Dynamic Yellow”

When it comes to the Air Jordan 1, although there are seemingly hundreds of iterations to speak of, Jordan Brand continues to find innovative ways for us to view the timeless sneaker.

This upcoming Dynamic Yellow colorway does so by allowing one very critical construction piece to appear undone.

Air Jordan 1 "Dynamic Yellow"
Air Jordan 1 “Dynamic Yellow”

While very much of the Black Toe persuasion, the forthcoming Air Jordan 1 “Dynamic Yellow” finds distinction by featuring red stitching around the toe, lace collar and heel. That very same stitch work underlays a red Swoosh, for which the left shoe shows undone stitching on the lateral side and the opposite goes for the right shoe.

Essentially, one side highlights a yellow Swoosh and the other denotes red stitching where the yellow Swoosh should be. It’s a simple yet effective trick, creating newness and individualism with unique distressing.

Look for this impressive Air Jordan 1 in July.

Air Jordan 1 "Dynamic Yellow"
Air Jordan 1 “Dynamic Yellow”

Source: long7ze

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