A Day in the Life: Teyana Taylor Launches the adidas Originals Harlem GLC

From the minute fans caught their first glimpse of the Teyana Taylor x adidas Originals Harlem GLC, they were clamoring for its release. When news hit that the sneaker would release in correlation with an event at the adidas Store in the Galleria Mall during NBA All-Star weekend in Houston, fans instantly started making plans to attend the event and cop a pair. Nice Kicks?had the pleasure of following Teyana throughout the day and during the course of that release event on February 15, 2013. Follow along on an exclusive minute-by-minute recap of the illustrious day, including both images and video footage of the release event, in this installment of A Day in the Life.

2:20 PM
After a short wait in the lobby of the Houston Marriott at the Medical Center, Teyana and her crew, consisting of dancer/best friends Eli and Davon, emerge from their hotel room. Sporting black adidas ClimaCool pants, a red PYREX VISION t-shirt, and a Mitchell and Ness Chicago Bulls snakeskin strapback hat, Teyana’s tiny stature is more than made up for by her immense presence. With the exception of Derrick (aka D), who opts for all-black Gucci sneakers, everyone is rocking the newly released Teyana Taylor x adidas Originals Harlem GLC.

Teyana Taylor speaks on the excitement of the Harlem GLC on the way to the radio station

2:27 PM
Once the driver shows up, Teyana and crew all pile into a black Chevrolet Suburban and head to a local radio station for interviews. First order of business, make sure the press release has the precise information in regards to how quickly the shoe sold. “I don’t want nobody messing up my minutes,” she playfully remarks to D. “It was TEN minutes. Not eleven. Not twelve. Not nine, but TEN minutes [laughs].” Her phone rings with a blocked number, which according to her instant frustration, seems to have happened one too many times today as she instructs Davon, who also serves as her personal assistant, to answer. Undeterred, Teyana shows no signs of nervousness or even a touch of anxiety. “I’m super excited. I’m not nervous at all. I just feel bad that everybody didn’t get a chance to get a pair.” She continues, “It’s still not hitting me yet. The good in it is that it sold out, but the bad is that a lot of fans are mad and are taking it out on me. I’m just trying to figure out how to balance it. It’s overwhelming. You have a sold out shoe, but then you have all the criticism those who didn’t get them. That’s out of my control. Instead of being mad that you didn’t get a pair, be happy that a young female is doing it. We selling these out, point blank! It’s almost a lose-lose situation. If my shoe wouldn’t have done well, people still would have been hating. So, I’d rather they hate on a sold out shoe.”For the majority of the ride, Teyana’s eyes are glued to her phone intently scouring every Tweet sent her direction and Instagram comment from fans displaying the full spectrum of emotions. There is no doubt she appreciates her fans and their opinions. She happens to catch glimpse of an image posted of the Harlem GLC being sold on eBay. “You see this?!” She shows the crew the photo with a look of confusion and irritation. “I…I don’t know how to feel. I mean it’s an honor that people are willing to pay that much for my sneakers. However, I just feel like it’s not cool, the resellers and s***. If you buy them, wear them. Don’t buy them to sell them to people for quadruple the price.” Boe Money, Teyana’s stepfather, chimees in with the story of a young man buying two pair at the adidas store then turning around and selling them for $600 a pair. To which Teyana replies, “It’s just crazy.” The driver hits a curb while turning into the tight parking lot of the radio station building, but Teyana’s only reaction is a light-hearted, “Well turn up then!”.

2:56 PM

Teyana arrives at the radio station

A seven mile drive turns into a 30-minute voyage due to All-Star weekend traffic, and a mix-up in directions. Once everyone is out of the car, they are met by the program director and whisked into an elevator. The door dings, and they arrive at the front desk of the famous Houston affiliate 97.9 The Box, where Teyana is a guest with G-Man and The Chile. Teyana, being the huge basketball fan she is, immediately clutched a nearby ball and cuffed it tightly like a toddler would their favorite blanket throughout the interview. The hosts bring up the “Harlem Shake” craze, which Teyana had no knowledge of. “I’m from Harlem, we been doing the Harlem shake, but I don’t know about this.” Laughs fill the room when Teyana lets a few curse words slip without realizing it was a live show. The short interview is over, she signs a basketball, snaps pictures with the hosts, and then it’s on to the next item on the agenda.

Teyana chops it up with the guys of G-Man and The Chile