A Closer Look at the Off-White x Converse Chuck 70

words by @mrsteriyaki images by @mymategym

In a short time following the Off-White x Converse Chuck 70 releasing, images of another all-white colourway surfaced online.

So I thought, for the folks that missed out on getting the first pair in hand and are waiting for the next to drop, let’s take a closer look at “The Ten” latecomer.

I’d had it in my mind to rock these with shorts and high white socks; shout out LA, so I wasted no time between purchasing and getting these on foot. The sun doesn’t come around too often this side of the pond.

The lateral and medial sides of the shoe are 80% transparent, meaning your socks set the vibe and tell most of the story when you wear them. Those panels are made from a very thin, completely breathable, plastic netting I want to say. It’s the same material used on some of the other models from “The Ten” but without any of the reinforcement of the foam. It’s actually quite an impressive component of the shoe, as I know some people were concerned about condensation forming due to all the rubber and plastic.

In true Converse style, this iteration by Virgil is quite rigid and comfort is not its strong point. But that being said, it’s frozen-like state is an aspect that I really enjoy – it keeps the outline clean and doesn’t lose its high top shape. To me, the One Star brand has always built shoes we can enjoy by wearing them into the ground, and I’m not approaching this one any different.

It’s rumoured that the delay of this release from the original “Ten” was due to manufacturing issues and questions around the durability of the plastic netting material discussed earlier. Whether any of that is true or not, I think the Converse Chuck 70 deserved its own separate release from “The Ten” we saw late last year. Although acquired by the Swoosh 15 years ago, I think the Converse works well outside its predecessor’s collection. It definitely acts as an effective catalyst for the future of Off-White x Nike releases.

To illustrate my intentions and the shoe’s capabilities, I had a slightly wild idea for a video review. Enjoy below and please leave a thought or two in the comments.

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