5 Minutes with Angel Cabada

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The Supra footwear has been a beast in the game for the past few years now, and their success is largely thanks to this man, Angel Cabada. Mr. Cabada is the Co Founder of the Supra brand and all of its glory. Angel has had a hand in everything from marketing, to the actual design process in order to ensure the success of the brand, and it looks like he has found a winning equation of creativity, and hard work.

We were able to catch up with Mr. Cabada and ask him about his thoughts on sneakers, and I must admit he had some pretty original answers.

Check the interview here.

Name: Angel Cabada

Where you represent: Los Angeles

Shoe that got you hooked: Terminators High

What?s on your feet:
Supra Thunder Highs Today

Last pair you purchased: Zig Zag Highs

Favorite pair you don?t own: Still working on them.

Amount of pairs you own: 3 million or so

Top 3 of all-time: Half Cabs, Terminators High, Zig Zag High

Which upcoming release are you looking forward to?: Skytop 2

If you weren?t a Skater? you would probably be a: Priest

One reason why shoes matter: you dont wanna see my toes… trust me

One reason you love shoes: bcuz they keep my feet a secret like victoria.

One thing that you dislike about the shoe game: I like everyone so I cant dislike.

One thing people might not know about you: Dont wanna scare anyone.

Anything else you want to tell our readers?
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