$4.3M in Fake Dior x Air Jordans Seized In Texas

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“She like the way that I dance, she like the way that I move scheme,” is probably what the folks trying to sell these fake Dior x Air Jordans were singing before U.S Customs and Border Protection crashed their party.

Over 1,800 pairs of FUGAZI Dior x Air Jordan 1 and adidas Yeezy Boost 350s were seized by U.S. CBP agents at a Dallas/Fort Worth port, the government organization reports today. The shoes were expected to be sold at retailers south of the U.S./Mexico border. 

#CBP seized 1800 pair of counterfeit Limited Edition Dior X Air Jordan 1 shoes headed to Mexico. These retail at $2K/pair Read more here: https://t.co/jve0EtS7gd pic.twitter.com/ZPsxi2Ez6K

— CBP Central Texas (@CBPCentralTX) August 10, 2020

With 1,800 pairs of fake Dior x Air Jordan 1s set at a retail price of $2,000 and a variety of other fake shoes, officials say that the estimated total of the counterfeit packages exceeds $4.3 million. An investigation of the packages deemed the shoes to be fake due to the poor quality, incorrect packaging, and U.S. CBP agents’ previous experience. But it doesn’t take a professional to see that these shoes look like cake. 

“Counterfeiters trafficking in phony merchandise are not concerned about the American consumer or the damage their fake goods can do to our economy,” said CBP Port Director Timothy Lemaux. “CBP will continue to take every opportunity to intercept illegitimate goods and disrupt transnational criminal enterprises seeking to fund criminal activities with counterfeit or pirated merchandise.” 

With the actual Dior x Air Jordan 1 collab reselling at around $10,000, I doubt this is the last we hear about fake Dior pairs. Be safe out there.

UPDATE: There’s a Dior x Nike Air Max 95 coming in 2021.

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