2010 Future Sole Design Competition

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If this year’s Future Sole Design Competition is anything close to being as good as 2009’s Future Sole Competition, we are impatiently awaiting another final product treat. 17-year Austin Jermacans designed a variation of Carmelo Anthony’s Jordan Melo M6 that undoubtedly won over the Nuggets superstar (the “Future Sole” Jordan Melo M6 became Carmelo’s 2010 playoff sneaker). Now, the 2010 Future Sole Design Competition is underway; however, there are a few changes in this year’s competition.

In addition to designing a sneaker, your mission will also include creating a Jordan T-shirt should you choose to enter. Pursue your design passion and register now by visiting the official Future Sole website. High school and college students are able to enter this time. View additional information above.

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