2008 Adidas Basketball Lineup

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Basketball season is right around the corner, and the preseason games have given us a chance to see which basketball players are wearing what sneakers. Two Adidas models that have been making a big splash are the Adidas TS Commander and the Adidas TS Creator. Our Kicks On Court Editions have spotted these shoes in the preseason games consistently. The 2008 Adidas Basketball Lineup features the two models in player exclusive styles. The Commander PEs, mostly worn by the big men, include Kevin Garnett (shown above), Tim Duncan, and Dwight Howard. The Creator PEs, generally for the guards, include Tracy McGrady, Chauncey Billups, and Gilbert Arenas.

Some of the PEs possess individual features pertaining to the specific player. For example, Chauncey Billups’s Adidas TS Creator has the words, ‘Mr. Big Shot’ written on the ankle area. Kevin Garnett’s Adidas TS Commander has a picture of his face in the same place.

What do you think about Adidas 2008 Basketball Lineup? Click the picture to view each Adidas PE.

Kevin Garnett Adidas TS Commander (White)

Kevin Garnett Adidas TS Commander (Black)

Kevin Garnett hooping in the Adidas TS Commander

Dwight Howard Adidas TS Commander

Dwight Howard (left) guarding the paint in the Adidas TS Commander.

Chauncey Billups Adidas TS Creator

Gilbert Arenas Adidas TS Creator Low

Tim Duncan Adidas TS Commander

Tracy McGrady Adidas TS Creator

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