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A Closer Look at the visvim FBT ELK

While you can see their apparel on anyone from Kanye West to John Mayer, Japanese brand visvim is widely known in the realm of footwear for the transcendent nature of the FBT. A silhouette revered by all yet only owned by some - due to its often diff...

Diadora S8000 Blue/Grey

Not long ago, we showed you some of the heat Italian footwear brand Diadora had coming up courtesy of the Agenda Show LBC. Now, many of those very same styles are beginning to pop up at international retailers, like this S8000 in blue and grey. Id...

Jordan Westbrook 0 “Navy”

Russell Westbrook recently wed his longtime girlfriend, an accomplish and feeling most men hope to experience in their lives. Russ is now adjoined to both his new wife and his inaugural signature shoe, the Jordan Westbrook 0. The first run of colo...