Omi Ordered to Pay Nike $8 Million in Trademark Infringement Case Ruling

The Nike vs. Omi trademark infringement case has concluded after nearly a year and a half as the New York Court granted a default judgment in favor of the brand, ordering Omi (Bill Omar Carrasquillo) to pay $8 million to Nike.

In November 2022, Nike filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Kool Kiy, Omi, and others as the global footwear brand was adamant about protecting its intellectual properties, specifically its Air Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk silhouettes.

Omi Ordered to Pay Nike $8 Million in Case Ruling

Nike must protect its design and intellectual property from bad actors who undermine the very DNA of authentic sneaker culture by promoting, copying, and selling Nike’s designs as their own.

Nike’s original statement via court documents

In August 2023, Kool Kiy’s partner David Weeks and Nike reached a settlement in which Weeks admitted that Nike is the exclusive owner of all registered trademarks named in the lawsuit and that he will no longer be able to produce/distribute the Air Kiy sneakers.

However, Kool Kiy (Nickwon Arvinger) and By Kiy LLC have not settled with the brand.

On April 19, 2024, the New York Court ruled that Carrasquillo and Reloaded Merch LLC violated Nike’s trademarks and would pay $8 million in damages.

As a result, Omi will no longer be able to sell any sneakers that could infringe on Nike’s registered marks.

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