Zoom Vick 5 returns as Game Day

Two days after the Falcons quarterback was indicted on federal dogfighting charges, Nike said it is suspending the release of its latest product bearing his name, the Zoom Vick 5. While it was reported that Nike stopped production of the shoes bearing Vick’s name, logo, and jersey number, the model wasn’t entirely scrapped. This Winter season will see the release of the Air Max Game Day which is essentially the Vick 5 sitting on an full length Air Max sole minus any direct connection to Vick.

Priced at $125, it would take Michael Vick 1,042 hours washing dishes at his current wage of $0.12 per hour. If this was a 40 hour a week full time job, it would take him 6 months for perspective.

Nike Zoom Vick 5

Nike Zoom Air Max Game Day

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