Zadeh Kicks Receiver Petitions Court to Claw Back $16 Million from “Net-Winners”

Earlier today the Zadeh Kicks Receiver, David P Stapleton, filed a motion in Oregon Circuit Court seeking approval to pursue fraudulent conveyance actions, commonly referred to as claw backs, against the “net winners” identified from their extensive forensic accounting.

The Receiver’s identified “net losers” and “net winners” based on a money-in, money-out approach. So far, the Receiver has identified 19 individuals who received a net benefit of more than $16 million from conducting business with Zadeh Kicks. In efforts to conserve legal fees and increase the efficiency of time, the Receiver requested the court permit them to send demand letters with up to a 10% discount should the “net winners” willfully return the money they gained from alleged fraudulent activity.

The Receiver did not identify in the motion any of the 19 individuals who they seek to send demand letters.


We contacted David P Stapleton for comment after office hours for comment. We will update this post should we receive a response to our request for comment.

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