Ye Unveiled 3D-Printed YEEZY Boots at Paris Fashion Week

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During YEEZY‘s highly criticized and controversial Paris Fashion Week show, Ye unveiled new 3D-printed YZY Boots that the designer had been seen wearing leading up to the runway debut. The all-black boots were styled alongside giant ponchos, puffer coats, and bodysuits — amongst other things.

To bring the boot to life, Ye worked with Brooklyn-based studio Zellerfeld. Past collaborations between Zellerfeld and other brands include the 1002 Clog by AMBUSH and the HERON01 shoe by Heron Preston. Zellerfeld’s 3D-printing technology has expedited the process of creating new silhouettes with unconventional shapes. Rather than waiting months to years, Zellerfeld helps to produce innovative designs almost instantly. The 3D-printed boots on the YEEZY Paris Fashion Week runway were made just a week before the show.

As of now, there’s no official name for this new YZY boot. It’s also unclear if this silhouette will be mass-produced, or if the boot will exist as exclusive couture. Zellerfeld’s advanced technology is capable of producing products that are ready-to-wear, setting the studio apart from other industry techniques that can currently only create non-functional prototypes.

The new YZY boots were made without any mention of adidas, seeming to confirm that Ye has plans to pursue new ventures with other collaborators, despite the constant back and forth with the Three-Stripes team.

Take a look at the new 3D-Printed YZY Boots below. It may be awhile until we get official info, but until then follow @NiceKicks on Instagram for more sneaker news and release dates.

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