Why the Air Jordan 11 ?Concord? Should Bear #45

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When an Air Jordan 11 “Concord” sample picture recently surfaced much uproar was made about the #45 on the back. Although it has been said that this pair was a sample considered for the 2008 11/12 CDP, many still wondered if the upcoming release should sport the 4-5. While the number change would differentiate between past releases is it in fact important to the Jordan legacy? We dug in the crates to find out.

May 7th, 1995
Chicago Bulls @ Orlando Magic
Game 1 Eastern Conference Semi Finals

Jordan Debuts the Air Jordan 11

Michael Jordan’s first game in the Air Jordan 11 was also his last game wearing the number #45. On May 7th, 1995 MJ unveiled the “Concords” to the world in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Orlando. Cameras snapped close ups of the never before seen sneaker that many thought would never be. Between his retirement and the fact that many considered the Air Jordan 10 a tribute shoe, the Air Jordan 11 was not only a shocking design but also a surprising continuance of the Air Jordan line that some thought was over.

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