What If? // Nike Air Zoom Generation “MPLS”

It’s official: the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2018 LeBron James Free Agency sweepstakes.

Given that today has also been marked with the unveiling of the new “Showtime” Lakers unis, in addition to a sneak peek of what appears to be the Nike LeBron 16, we’ve taken a bit of creative liberty mixed with some imagination to merge all of these coincidences.

This past year, we’ve seen the Nike LeBron signature line start down the path of retro reign with the re-release of the Nike Air Zoom Generation in a number of colorways, so we’ve dreamt up a colorway for LeBron’s first signature should the Lakers take the court in an “MPLS” uniform.

Taking cues from the recently released Nike Kobe 1 Protro “MPLS”, we’ve extrapolated that color blocking on the Air Zoom Generation for a take that we truly believe Nike should consider.

Check it out for yourself down below and stay tuned for more “Laker” looks of LeBron James’s past signatures.