Wex Discusses Making Access & Availability the New Hype on StockX Roundtable

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Reselling and restocks have gained both favor and frustration in the sneaker culture. Playing to both human nature and capitalist cache, most of us simply want what we can’t have or what others don’t. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a way of life. But does it have to be?

Speaking as a part of a roundtable discussion with StockX, Jon ‘Wex’ Wexler from adidas discusses the adidas approach to restocks but also addresses a desire to change the guard on hype. While Wex makes points that some products restock because of unmet market needs, he still assures that certain sneakers from the Three Stripes never will restock. More interesting, he speaks on the idea of retraining the community that access or availability could be the new hype.

In the video, Wex introduces the idea of the next generation being both open minded enough to not buying into the release date calendar and fatigue that comes with chasing limited kicks but rather favoring what they can easily get. Counter culture? For sure. Possible? Perhaps.

In a world where the Superstar was the highest selling shoe in 2016 and kids wear Stan Smiths, Cortez and Old Skools like statement pieces, could easy access GRs gain cool cache over trend sensitive sellouts? You never know, but hear what Wex and the rest of the panel had to say about restocks and more in the video below.

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