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How do you sell stocks of $800 sneakers? The Wall Street Journal recently asked Jon Buscemi, the founder of Buscemi footwear, to find out. With even Jordan Brand attempting to enter the high-fashion sneaker market, luxurious high-tops have spread like wildfire and get enthusiasts to spend stacks on the premium silhouettes. First impacting the industry with Gourmet before progressing to create Greats and Buscemi, the creator believes that its all about quality and exclusivity. By keeping the production in Italy using only the finest materials, then only distributing the shoes to selected customers, the combination strongly fuels consumer desire. Buscemi says that he was inspired by Hermès Birkin bags, which doesn’t advertise and keeps its products under wraps. Are you a luxury sneaker enthusiast? What is it that makes you so? Tell us in the response box below, and find the whole investigative story at The Wall Street Journal.

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