Vic Mensa Will Give Away 13,000 Free Sneakers in Chicago This Weekend Following Bait Truck Scandal

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This past weekend, Vic Mensa and his SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation announced plans to give away thousands of free sneakers to Chicago residents following the now infamous “bait truck” incident which took place earlier this month. A truck filled with desirable Nike sneakers was placed on the city’s southside in hopes of “baiting” local youth to steal them. The scandal was widely linked to the Chicago Police Department (among others). Soon thereafter, the story gained nationwide attention in its fallout.

Mensa, a Chicago native, plans to combat this predatory tactic that preys on local youth in the city’s impoverished neighborhoods. Last Friday, Vic spoke of his plans on Twitter. “Last week Chicago Police escorted a ‘bait-truck’ full of shoes through the South Side of Chicago to lure poor people with FREE NIKES. So we’re filling a truck with shoes to give away to those who need it.” He then added a link where those who’d like to help could donate sneakers.

SaveMoneySaveLife has also reached out to sneaker companies, athletes, and others for donations and promotion of the event. Once Mensa and his foundation have the proper amount of sneakers to donate to the community in need, they plan to set up an “anti bait truck” for the giveaway.

“We wanted to do something in response, but have a positive response,” Laundi Keepseagle, SaveMoneySaveLife Executive Director, said last week. “We don’t want to create conflict with the police, but we do want to take a step forward, and just showcase that acts like that aren’t acceptable in communities that we care for.”

Mensa and his foundation hope to gather at least 5,000 pairs of sneakers. They will announce details for the event once they have accumulated said amount.

Update8/23: Vic Mensa and SaveMoneySaveLife has accumulated more than 13,000 sneakers that they’ll give away for free this weekend in Chicago. The Anti Bait Truck event will take place at the West Engelwood Community Center, the same southside neighborhood where the bait truck was initially spotted. The event takes place for 4-7pm local time. Those unable to attend can still donate at via SaveMoneySaveLife Amazon Wish List.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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