Vaughn Bode Puma Baskets

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Last year, Puma recognized the 50th Anniversary of Cheech Wizard, a cartoon character illustrated by the late artist Vaughn Bode.?? Puma stretched the Clyde to new limits with an all-over star pattern resemblant of the stars on the hat of Cheech Wizard.?? Initially released in the classic yellow, red, and black, Puma followed up with a “Mystery Bode” that was in calmer grey tones a month later in a surprise release.

Getting a hold of the Bode “Cheech Wizard” Clydes were not easy by any means with only 216 pairs released worldwide, however Puma is releasing a Vaughn Bode version of the Puma Basket in May.

This time around, Puma went with basic colors and added the touches of stars with glossy paint to add the detail without making them visible from a mile away.?? Larger shots after the jump taken from Issue 4 of Size? Magazine.

Vaughn Bode Puma Baskets – White

Vaughn Bode Puma Basket – Grey

Vaughn Bode Puma Basket – Black

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