Vans Opens Public Nominations For “Foot The Bill” Initiative

In April 2020, California mainstay Vans launched its “Foot the Bill” customization program as a means to support small businesses being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To expand on this very-welcomed initiative, Vans has announced it will now open it up to public nominations. Starting off with 80 independent businesses, “Foot the Bill” has already expanded to include 27 more small companies around the world since the beginning of 2021.

Those interested are welcome to send in their application to the footwear giant and every week, up to six new venues and businesses will be added to “Foot the Bill”. Those selected will have their story amplified via Vans’s channel and their design will feature on a range of footwear and apparel items to be sold. All of the proceeds made from the designs will go directly towards these independent partners.

Each design of the “Foot The Bill” capsule will be limited to 1000 pairs of custom Vans and 250 T-shirts per participating partner. Once they are sold out, they will no longer be available.

For the month of March, Vans is spotlighting women-owned businesses and venues such as Sweat Records, Portland Flea, Grit N’ Glory, Evolve Boutique, Milk + T, HauteButch, and Grog Shop.

Those interested to be part of Vans’s “Foot the Bill” initiative can apply via

Vans “Foot The Bill”

Price: $90

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