UNDFTD x St?ssy x HECTIC x New Balance 996

Oct 20, 2011 | Alex Kroviak |



Having the teams at New Balance, St?ssy, realmadHECTIC and UNDFTD design a sneaker may seem like the ultimate ?too many cooks in the kitchen? scenario, but the brands have proven multiple times that it?s actually the perfect recipe for footwear mastery. Take, for example, the ?Full Metal Jacket? collection of MT580s, or last November?s H754. Clearly, the brands play nice with one another. This CM996, which they?ll be reviving this coming holiday season, is yet another example of collaborative creation gone right. Navy and golden yellow suedes and meshes team up to create a shoe with an authentic vintage look. No release date has been issued just yet, but expect it to release sometime next month.

UNDFTD x St?ssy x HECTIC x New Balance CM996
Navy/Golden Yellow
November 2011

Source: FreshNGood


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