Top 5 NFL Stars That Deserve A Signature Shoe

2. Patrick Peterson

Under Armour’s newest signee may be the closest thing we’ve seen to Deion Sanders. With Peterson’s mix of speed, strength and undeniable cover skills, he has suddenly vaulted himself into the argument of being the best defensive back in the game. With Deion, in mind this former LSU standout, shouldn’t have any trouble developing a fan base for a signature line. With Arizona being picked as a team on the rise, many potential consumers are looking in Peterson’s direction. As noted by Peterson during an interview with Forbes Magazine, he hopes to be more than just a name. As Peterson states, “At Nike I just felt like another guy and didn’t have the opportunity to build a brand..”. Peterson seems poised to get something done with Under Armour, and rightfully so. A noted prior, he’s one of the best young players in the game all while utilizing his plethora of talents to make exciting players. Exciting plays that ultimately translates to popularity amongst fans and eventually retail success of a prospective signature line.

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