The Story of Dunk Tackles Eternal Debate in Episode 5 – Rock or Stock?

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After the previous episode detailed Nike’s approach while entering a new market, The Story of Dunk’s next episode has launched. This week’s edition is about the eternal debate which sneakerheads face – whether to Rock or Stock coveted pairs they cop. Highlighting the Dunk’s development as a pop-culture icon in recent years, Nike provides insight into how collectors approach the dilemma.

Speaking admirably about Japanese collectors’ approach, the zenith of sneaker culture was reached in the scope of Dunks. The way that people were able to identify models that resonated individually while echoing their outlooks was key to this. This was amplified by global collectors who were able to network within the community to find unique pairs they wanted. Translating to modern day pop-culture was a logical step for Nike to take as they pursued an illustrious status.

This was the introduction of Co.JP program – named after the domain for Nike Japan and endorsed by key regional influencers. The line introduced unique & rare colorways which eventually were found overseas after driving demand sky high for global collectors. The Japanese sneaker culture helped to “perfect” collector culture, understanding what shoes meant both in the moment & long-term.

As the culture moved forward, there was the introduction of collaborations between countless cultural icons to drive the allure further. Hearing from a host of industry representatives, the Swoosh’s storytelling which is mastered so well is augmented, boosting the resonance. Clearly the hype around collaborations with the silhouette is at an all-time high now, with no signs of slowing down.

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