The Story of Dunk Drops Episode 6: “True to your Crew”

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Continuing the series which has been running since October, Nike has dropped their latest episode of The Story of Dunk. Nike explores how the Dunk has become a bonding characteristic in the 6th episode, titled “True to your Crew”. Using first-hand experiences from a host of storytellers, including Chance the Rapper & Ghetto Gastro, Nike brings attention to communities.

In this episode we barely hear about the shoes themselves, while Nike gives a smaller set of communities a platform. Going into the backstory of the cultures that the Dunk played a role in, we hear from a few crews. SaveMoney tells their story of how they bonded over Dunks initially and how they became more aligned, contributing to culture. Their initial bonding set the wheels in motion for a community of change in Chicago through several initiatives.

Another group who helps to support their community is Ghetto Gastro, who stress the impact that Dunks have. As a culinary collective, they aided La Morada in the Bronx to help their community in turn, using food as a weapon to help their larger community. Moving closer towards the industry we all know & love, the spotlight moves over to Notre in Chicago.

Originally meeting at men’s clothing store, Haberdash, the founders clicked and used Dunks as a catalyst to bond further. From there, they launched their dreams and eventually opened Notre – and they’ve been focused on giving back to their local community with food-drive raffles and the like. Very aware that the Dunk is why their shop exists at all, they use the energy around Dunk releases to impact others for the greater good.

The episode closes out with other quips from several storytellers to detail what the Dunk means to communities & cultures. Touching on several aspects with resonating quotes, the Dunk has cemented its status as a symbol of culture & expression. In line with other community tenets, Dunks provide a different platform for people to bond over and strengthen their relationship.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this series continues and learning more along with the rest of the community. Let us know what Dunks mean to you, and the relationships that you’ve made in this ever-growing community. For all the latest, be sure to keep checking in with Nice Kicks!

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