The “Cooking Dance” Heats up New Custom Cleats

Jul 31, 2019 | Luis Torres |



The beautiful game of futbol has escalated into the pop-culture scene thanks to international superstars and their bravado. Despite who you root for or who your favorite player is, the elegant game is nothing without celebration. Goals. Saves. Victories. Promotions. Trophies. All of it can be captured with a simple gesture (or a series of them) — a celebration.

Serge Gnabry, a talented winger for FC Bayern Munich and the German national team, is not afraid of the spotlight when the moment presents itself. His celebration is one you might be familiar with as he repurposes Lil B’s signature “cooking” gesture repopularized by James Harden onto the pitch.

James Harden and Serge Gnabry

Customizer Sierato captured both of the adidas athletes’ celebrations with the a one-of-a-kind custom cleat. The cleat features both Harden and Gnabry cooking it up. Take a look at the cleat and keep an eye for them as the German football club is stateside for the International Champions Cup.

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow the artist behind the customs here.

Custom adidas NEMEZIZ Cleat by Sierato
Custom adidas NEMEZIZ Cleat by Sierato
Custom adidas NEMEZIZ Cleat by Sierato