The Best Basketball Shoes of the 2000s by Year

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In a market dominated by ‘90s nostalgia, the 2000s get next to no love. Postseason Kick On Court sightings have helped peak interest in the decade of forgotten footwear, with the likes of the adidas The KOBE and the AND1 Tai Chi getting recent wear. Focused strictly on hoops, we take a look back at the best basketball shoes, by year, of the 2000s.


AND 1 Tai Chi

From a sneaker standpoint, 2000 was Vince Carter’s year. Between Michael Jordan’s second retirement and the lockout season, NBA star power and morale was lacking. Enter Vinsanity and the infamous Dunk Contest. Rewriting the laws of physics and flight, the sophomore standout took home the title in jaw dropping fashion in the AND1 Tai Chi. Smart design, streetball steeze, and VC’s flight made the Tai Chi an instant classic that’s still recognizable.

Nike Shox BB4

If owning ASW wasn’t enough, VC took his high wire act overseas for the summer. Making the move to Nike, Vince would become the face and feet of the new Shox franchise in the Sydney Olympic Games. The BB4 would become synonymous with the ‘Dunk of Death’ against France and become the shoe of the sports spectacular. Coming in to the 2000-01 season, Vince would rock the Shox in T. Dot while top performers in the amateur ranks would unofficially endorse team bank colorways.

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