The Air Jordan 11 & The NFL // Throwback Thursday

When the notion is thrown around that the NFL “doesn’t have an off-season”, per se – no one really shrugs off the assertion anymore. Because ultimately it rings true. With Super Bowl XLIX being a little over seven months old, we’re already on the verge of beginning a new NFL season as things get underway tonight in Foxborough, Massachusetts. With the recently adjudicated Tom Brady taking the field with a certain “vengeance,” Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown will certainly have to put up some points if the Pittsburgh Steelers looks to stave off the New England Patriots.

So with the new season only hours away, we decided to construct the latest edition of Throwback Thursday to blend two iconic entities: one being the aforementioned NFL and the other being the Air Jordan 11. Donned by some of the NFL’s finest such as Deion Sanders and Randy Moss, this Air Jordan staple has made an effortless transition to the gridiron.

After the video above, flip through the pages below to enjoy the detailed history.

Randy Moss

Entering the league in 1998, very few people doubted Randy Moss’ impact on the league. However, I’m certain few envisioned how quickly he would dominate as his rookie record of 17 touchdowns still stands today. After flourishing early in his career in Minnesota, Moss would eventually become a Jordan Brand member in which one of the first models sported by “The Freak” would be the Air Jordan 11.

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