Teen Climbs Egyptian Pyramid for Ultimate Sneaker-Selfie

Eighteen-year-old German tourist, Andrej Ciesielski, has the internet a stir with the viral video and photos of himself scaling the Great Pyramid of Giza for nothing more than the fun of it and to take some epic shots including a sneaker selfie of his ASICS Gel Sagas.

Andrej was greeted by police who arrested the teen for his daring act. While the crime of climbing one of the most ancient wonders of the world carries a maximum sentence of 3 years in an Egyptian jail, he was let go in exchange for deleting the files from his Go Pro.

Following his release, the teen managed to recover the deleted images and videos. Next time, I am sure the police will confiscate the memory cards.

When taking extreme measures for a sneaker-selfie, always take into consideration local laws and safety measures.