Supreme Week 7 // Bangers, Sleepers & Duds

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Don’t call it a comeback!

I won’t throw out any excuses for the lack of content the last three weeks other than the drops since Week 3 have lacked inspiration of their own. The Public Enemy x Undercover collaboration had some stand out pieces but still felt as if it had all be done before. The lookbook items for the past three weeks were frankly forgettable. But…

Bump that! We are all positive vibes around here and this week’s drop is realigning our hypebeast chakra. It’s nearly halfway through the season and Supreme has decided to not make us wait until the end of Spring/Summer for the always anticipated and highly sought after Supreme x The North Face collaboration.

Let’s GET IT!


The graphic used on The Metallic Hooded Sweatshirt gives off Terminator vibes and brings a subtle badass look to match. This piece flips the loud theme of the collection, using metallic for the details, and creates a cleaver rendition of the metallic box logo. Produced with The North Face materials the hoodie has the added value of quality and comfort that we have come to know and love. Retail for this cyborg hoodie will be $138.

Next up in the series of heavy hitters that is the Supreme x The North Face mixtape is the Borealis Backpack. There is a color for everyone with these bookbags, silver is easy to rock every day, the rose gold is perfect for the ladies and the gold is that ultimate flex piece. This backpack model has more functionality than the bags we’ve received from the collaboration in past seasons with its size and varying compartments. Retail to look like Tony Stark carrying his newest suit on his back is a reasonable $148.

This season’s Mountian Parka is the most polarizing release this silhouette has ever seen. The Mountain Parka is the quintessential garment for the Sup x TNF collaboration as a whole, and it’s good to see the styling go back to its roots. Being loud and like nothing that TNF has ever produced, on their own, is what gave recognition to this now seasonal link-up between streetwear giants. This is a piece for the collector not for everyday use and that’s okay. Hang some art in your closet and don’t forget that Supreme can still be niche for a shining $388.


The preview photo of this week’s Soccer Polo is reminiscent of the find on the back of a rack because no one could see past the ugly thing on the front. Aside from the white and purple colorway, these jerseys are perfect for the warmer months… if they ever come. The fabric historically used on Supreme soccer jerseys is a breathable poly blend that’s perfect for wearing all day, and the collar could even get you into strict dress code scenarios. Retail to slide tackle into the club cozy boy style is a cool $118.


The Woven Striped Batik Jacket is a sleeper due to both its subtle branding and its lack of desire by the masses. Don’t let it fool you, the details in the DIY printed graphics are only matched by high-end designer pieces. The woven cotton blend and “COEXIST” artistry makes this the ideal jacket to throw on during a cool spring night. Express your worldly culture for a more than minimalist $188.

The Channel Hooded Sweatshirt is the subtle flex piece of the week. Nothing more than a regular Supreme blank, this is a great staple to any wardrobe. The only flaw is that Supreme went with its regular faux paw of dating the piece instead of using the establishing year of 1994 on the hood. Humblebrag for $158.


While some people despise the Mountian Bib Pants, or overalls, there are no Duds this week. So allow me to introduce “Flips” the corner of the Supreme bubble that is seldom expressed in the open: reselling.

When it comes to flipping, it’s better to minimize risk. The Metallic Logo T-Shirt will retail for $54, which isn’t a deep hole to get out of on the rare occasion that you can’t sell something from this coveted collab. Last season’s short sleeve is now selling for an average of $175, including shipping that’s still nearly three times retail. This season resale will easily reach that with the addition of a metallic bogo on the tee.

Again minimizing risk, the Shoulder Bag will retail for $66. While a quick flip is always preferable, this is a piece that will rise in value over time. Even if you decide to rock it once or twice the embroidered logos give the bag durability that should still allow you to double your investment.

The Don’t Ask Me 4 Shit Stamp is a glorious flip. With a retail of $18, there is nowhere to go but up after you cop. Last week we saw the Illusion Coin Bank go to the top of the charts when it came to volume and this accessory will be no different. If it flops you still have a dope accessory that will never run out of uses.


I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. Flip at own risk.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

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