Supreme Week 16 // Bangers, Sleepers & Duds

Supreme‘s non-lookbook collaboration streak has come to an end, but all hope is not lost as the iconic Box Logo Hoodies are scheduled to make their return this week. A glimpse of a huge collaboration rumored to come next year gives additional clout to this week’s drop. No drop is perfect and there are definitely some pieces slotted for week 16 that are sure to give others the stank face. Without further ado…

Let’s Get IT!


The Supreme x Nike Shooting Sleeve is a lookbook item that instantly created rumors of a larger collaboration between the two streetwear giants and the NBA. Sadly, with this sleeve set to drop this week and no press release from Supreme, it’s safe to assume that it will drop by itself. This is a regular Dri-Fit compression sleeve but the loud Supreme branding is sure to stand out on the court. Imagine draining a three and leaving your shooting arm hanging in the air with huge Bogo on it, honestly what is more flames than that? If you’re a collector of Supreme accessories and not a hooper then this piece is still a must cop for you as it is the first collaboration between Supreme and the NBA or any other professional sports league for that matter. It will be interesting to see how the NBA treats this piece of athletic wear. Retail will land around $38, meaning that this will fly off shelves faster than the Warriors shoot 3s.


The week has finally come! Box Logos are the quintessential Supreme piece, whether they are crewnecks, tees or hoodies, Bogos are a must have for any Supreme collection. This year’s collection of hoodies pairs contrasting box logos on pastel and solid colored hoodies. The eccentric color combinations have created entirely new colorways for these pieces. Fans have been debating where these Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirts will land in the spectrum of past Bogos since these debuted in the lookbook. And the verdict is in, these are stand out colorways that will hold their value and appeal greater than the run of the mill red on grey, black, and navy bogos found throughout Supreme’s history.

With the new registration system for in-store releases, this year’s drop won’t be as hectic as last year’s but it will still be chaotic none the less. As for the online drop, let’s just hope that Supreme has taken measures to subdue the billion page views they received during last years box logo release. Retail is estimated to land at the normal $148.


When people think of welcome mats they think of something well… welcoming. Nah fam! Not with the Supreme Welcome Mat. Instead, you look down to wipe your feet only to be greeted by staring down the barrel of a 9 milli and being told that, “There is nothing here worth dying for.” Although this message has an aggressive tone due to it being next to a gun, one can interpret this as a positive message, meaning that Supreme isn’t worthing dying for or killing for, because it is too often that we hear stories of violence over sneakers and streetwear. Despite how you interpret this accessory its a dope piece to put anywhere in your home. Estimated retail to for this un*welcome mat is $32.

Cozy boys stand up! The Velour Warm Up Pant is this week’s most comfortable item by far. The pant is constructed of 100% cotton blend velour, elastic waist and ankles, with tonal script font Supreme branding on the front. Coming in four different colorways these pants are easily tailored to your winter style. These velour pants aren’t quite everyday sweats as they will be hard to keep clean, but they definitely dress up a casual vibe for the movies, grocery store or any other place that isn’t the club or a nice dinner. Estimated retail for this week’s sleeper is $128.


The Plaid Hooded L/S Top is the most cringe-worthy dud of the week. Aside from the Supreme branding this piece looks like a thrift store DIY worthy of an F in any fashion school. The plaid looks like it’s been aged for years as a moving blanket in the back of a truck. To make matters worse the black used for the hood and sleeves isn’t even overdyed so, in contrast, it makes the body of the piece look even dingier than it is. How to style this long sleeve top is anyone’s guess but your best bet is to not even try. Estimated retail is too much money… but probably $110.

The License Plate Puffy Jacket is this week’s loudest thud. There was a lot of potential in this design but it didn’t hit the mark. The concept of a collection of license plates, much like a local dive bar or highway diner, is a dope nod to Americana culture. The problem with the jacket is its use of blank space, the objects are either too far apart or too close together creating a chaotic and discombobulating appearance to the design, not to mention how the graphics lay over the snap placket and pockets. The jacket would have been better executed with all over colored license plates, for example, blue plates with orange lettering or black plates with white lettering, or just fewer plates in the existing format. Despite the graphics, this will be a high-quality puffy jacket with a water-resistant cotton shell, quilted down fill and what appears to be a silk or synthetic silk lining. Estimated retail to rain license plates is $398.

How to Cop

Depending on what you are aiming at this is going to be a hard week to cop without some assistance. Many manual cops were successful during last weeks The North Face collab so there is hope for all of us planning to purchase online.

The United States and Europe will drop tomorrow Decemeber 7th

Japan will drop December 9th

Good luck!

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