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The Gmail was looking grim Monday morning because this week’s Supreme newsletter entailed a mere two skate decks. The collaboration streak of fire had simmered down to hot coals, but like a phoenix from the ashes, the streak erupted again in flames. Lo and Behold! The ‘Preme gods have showered us with blessings of lookbook collaborations as well as a collab from the trusted Levi Strauss & Co., in order to sanctify them from their lackluster skateboards.

Or… in lamens terms…

The decks are wack but Supreme gave us some hot fire to keep their collaboration streak alive.

Let’s Get It!



Supreme has teamed up with the authentic boxing brand, “The Choice of Champions,” Everlast to bring us an iconic boxing robe of epic proportions. The boxing robe is constructed entirely of satin, including satin patches and a cut and sewn Supreme spell out on the back. This isn’t a piece that can be worn out and about unless you are just that wavy, but it is a great addition to the collection for any fan of both boxing and Supreme. It may be hard to justify the estimated retail of $170 (over twice the amount of a regular Everlast boxing robe) however its worth noting that the Everlast Punching bag that retailed at $550 now sells for around five times its value, which justifies the hype.

The wearable banger this week is the perfect staple for the “Saved By The Bell” fit you’ve been waiting to get off this fall. The Supreme x Champion Color Blocked Jacket comes equipped with nearly every essential fall color, making it very adaptable to your wardrobe this season.

The jacket is constructed primarily of nylon with ribbed cuffs, waist and a quilted silk lining sure to keep you warm as we get into the winter months.

On the back, this piece is finished with a nylon appliqué “Supreme” spell out just so everyone knows this wasn’t a jacket you found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This jacket will retail at an estimated $190.


While we have seen several puffy jackets release already this season — and they have carried both a heavy price tag and a ton of hype along with them — this Fuck Jacquard Puffy Jacket brings the same level of oddity as the Stone Island jacket from week 7 with it’s all over print, and wearable colorways as The North Face puffy jacket did without the mountain of hype as the aforementioned collabs. This week’s puffer is constructed of a jacquard polyester blend with the same quilted down fill found in nearly all puffy jackets. Retail will be around $350 which is a third of the price of the previous puffy jackets pieces this season.

The Cozy Boy sleeper of the week is the Polartec Deep Pile Sweatpant. Made entirely of Polartec 300 Fleece these sweatpants will be by far the most comfortable sweats you purchase this season. Not only will these keep you warm and comfortable the textured fleece adds a level of fashion not found in your everyday sweatpants. Coming in a plethora of colors, the pants can be paired with whatever hoodie you currently have in your closet, as well as the Jaquard Puffy Jacket mentioned above. These minimally branded pants will retail at an estimated $130.


Where the Supreme x Champion Color Blocked Jacket does an excellent job of being unique, the rest of this week’s Champions collaboration doesn’t do much to separate it from being a piece that you can find at your local Urban Outfitters. The Supreme branding on the neck just doesn’t do enough to warrant the $170 price tag that the Supreme x Champion Stacked C Hooded Sweatshirt is estimated to have. The Stacked C 5 Panel sat earlier this season (by Supreme standards) so expect the rest of the collaboration to flop as well.

Art can be created and interpreted in an infinite amount of ways, but at times it doesn’t seem to make sense or serve a purpose. The art found on Supreme’s skate decks this week was created by Cindy Sherman, a New Jersey woman who uses her self-portraits to create pieces that explore female stereotypes.

The art featured on the decks are fractions taken from larger works from Sherman. While the subject matter of each piece is subjective there is one fact about the artist that brings a negative mood to the work. Sherman has used blackface in some of her previous works, making this collaboration a dud. Retail for the decks will be around $60 if that’s where you decide to spend your money.

How to Cop

Same as it ever was.

EU, US, and Online drops tomorrow Novemeber 9th.

Japan drops Saturday November 11th.

Good Luck!

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