StockX Partners with Roc-A-Fella Records for Offer First Ever Consumer Goods IPO

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Sneaker fans are familiar will StockX and hip-hop fans know good and well that 2016 is the 20 year anniversary of Reasonable Doubt. Today, fans of everything have something to get excited about as the two forces have come together to create the first ever consumer goods IPO.

What exactly is that you ask? It’s basically the next step in StockX’s push to become the world’s first online consumer “stock market of things,” regarding  high demand and limited edition product. Basically, what they’re doing for sneakers as far as establishing a trading platform and providing authenticity for those wanting to buy and sell shoes will now extend to gear and other collectibles.

This starts today with limited-edition Fourth of November merchandise created by Kareem “Biggs” Burke of Roc-A-Fella fame, focusing on the 20th anniversary of Reasonable Doubt.

“From the day we began working on the ‘Stock Market of Things’, we’ve been searching for the next ‘thing’ – the next high-demand, limited-edition product we could launch on our exchange,” said StockX co-founder and CEO Josh Luber. “We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Biggs and Fourth of November to launch the world first consumer-goods IPO with exclusive merchandise from perhaps the greatest hip hop album of all time.”

For more, visit StockX today.

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