Steph Curry Surprised Boston High School Basketball Team with Under Armour Curry 4s

Nov 17, 2017 | Ananth Pandian |



For the members of the boys’ varsity basketball team at Snowden International School in Boston, Thursday was just like any other day. However that all changed rather quickly thanks to a chance encounter with Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

Hoping to raise extra funds for an upcoming tournament and also for new uniforms, the team solicited donations from passers-by outside of their school, which is located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. One person they asked for a donation, unfortunately couldn’t donate to their cause but he did give them a helpful tip – Curry was at the Under Armour store just a few blocks away.

The team was a bit skeptical at first but knowing that the Warriors were in town to play the Celtics, they took a chance and immediately booked it to the UA’s Boston flagship shop.

“We didn’t believe him at first,” Snowden’s point guard William Samuels told Nice Kicks via the phone. “But then we dropped off our bags at the school and ran to Under Armour.”

The team instantly caught Curry’s eyes because they were wearing the school’s junior varsity jerseys to fundraise. This quickly helped to break any ice that may have existed and Curry started asking the players about the team, what position they play and who is the best scorer.

“He was in the front of the store with us just cooling,” ninth-grader Richie Cappelan told Nice Kicks. “He was real personable with us and signed something for everybody. He’s just a cool dude, he’s got a great personality.”

Curry also noticed that the team was fundraising (they had donation cans with them) and once he learned that they were raising funds for new gear, the Warriors superstar started to get all of their shoe sizes. And then just like that, Curry had bought each player a brand new pair of the Under Armour Curry 4.

But Curry didn’t just buy shoes for the team, he also talked with each player, answered their questions and even gave them some basketball advice.

“He told me that as a shooter, it doesn’t matter how many shots you take because your job is to shoot the ball,” 16-year-old Javy Ellis told Nice Kicks. “He said that’s how you get your confidence.”

Cappellan also was impressed with the advice Curry gave him.

“He told me to just the let the game come to you,” Cappellan said. “And not to force anything.”

The experience was definitely one that the entire team will never forget about, especially since they will be wearing the Curry 4 this season thanks to the generosity of the Warriors All-Star.

“Curry is one of my favorite point guards,” Ellis said. “It was tight to meet him and have him buy our entire team shoes.”

Image via @Warriors