Staple Pigeon Takes Flight On Staple Day

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Jeff Staple’s Staple Pigeon brand has become iconic, becoming a mainstay in New York street fashion. Perhaps most well known for their collaborations on various sneaker projects, including several Nike SB Dunks, Staple Pigeon has continued to update their catalog with stylish, on-trend items that feature the arial animal. Now, Staple and NTWRK are coming together to present STAPLE DAY ’21.

Hosted by the streetwear visionary, STAPLE DAY is slated to feature exclusive Staple streetwear, watches, and other items. Additionally, Staple himself will be selling pieces from his personal wardrobe. NTWRK’s first event celebrating one figure, look for the event to reveal the designer’s plans for the rest of 2021.

The upcoming celebratory event takes place on National Pigeon Day, June 13, on the NTWRK app.

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