SoleSavy Continues to Grow with $2 Million in Funding

The digital age has hindered sneaker culture. While it’s eliminated long lines or stressful release days (for consumers and owners alike), bots and the overall e-commerce experience has sucked the sweet nectar of sneaker culture and has left it out to dry for bots, resellers, and culture vultures to consume off of.

SoleSavy combats the digital age of reselling culture and bots with a taste of its own medicine. With over 4,000 members and counting, the group is dedicated to the community that made sneakers important.  

SoleSavy just secured $2 million USD in investment funding from Panache Ventures as the anti-cook group cook group continues to grow.

Dejan Pralica and Justin Dusanj launched the company in 2018 and since have provided insider tips and tricks on how to cop pairs for retail. Reselling is forbidden within the group and extremely coveted collaborations are limited to just one per person.

All in all, SoleSavy is ensuring that the community aspect of sneaker culture never gets lost.

Props to the SoleSavy team for keeping the root of sneaker culture at the core of its model. Keep it locked on Nice Kicks for more SS news.

Be sure to check out the SoleSavy website to learn more about the ins and outs of the company as well as securing a membership in the future.

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