Social Media adidas Superstars – Facebook & Twitter

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Wouldn’t it be cool to represent your favorite social media networks by way of your feet? As much as our generation visits Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, it would only be right for brands to attempt to create a Facebook/Twitter inspired sneaker. Glasgow-based designer Gerry Mckay took it into his own hands and created adidas Superstar mockups that are inspired by the respective social media networks.

?Facebook as a brand is increasingly on the rise and I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like if Adidas also released a limited edition Facebook Superstar, so I worked on my own design of the shoe and this is what I came up with,? said Mckay.

In detail, the “Facebook” adidas Superstar possesses the overall color scheme of the social media network, along with its name on the quarter panel. Also, the inner lining contains the definition of Facebook in blue letters. As for the “Twitter” adidas Superstar, it also uses the respective social media network’s color scheme and the Twitter ‘bird’ logo on the quarter panel.

Unfortunately, this is just a mockup design by Glasgow-based designer Gerry Mckay, who has no affiliation with adidas. However, would you purchase these sneakers if they actually were real releases?

adidas Superstar "Facebook" Mockup
adidas Superstar "Twitter" Mockup


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