Sneaker Sketch // Vincenzo Monteroso Renders the Ultimate Nike Kobe Hybrid

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With Kobe Bryant making his heartfelt announcement last night in the form of a poem entitled “Dear Basketball” in which he described his eventual retirement from the NBA, it marks the end of a legendary and iconic career. However, plenty of sneakerheads are curious to know if the Nike Kobe series will continue despite Mamba’s journey away from the game. Ultimately, Vincenzo Monteroso has peaked our interest as he has sketched a rather remarkable rendition of what a Nike Kobe Hybrid would look like if every applicable silhouette merged together.

Featuring a towering design, much like the Nike Kobe X, Monteroso does a wonderful job of making a realistic makeup while incorporating notable features. To see more of his “Decades of Greatness” rendition, check out the stellar sketch below.

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