Sneaker Nicknames Explained: “Toro Bravo,” “Weatherman,” “Crocus” and More

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The third installment of Sneaker Nicknames Explained discusses a few sneakers that you may have overlooked, as well as a few sneakers that derive from extensive inspirations. Color schemes and details can be understood better once the story behind a sneaker is told. Discover the ideas behind some of your favorite sneakers, and let us know if these stories make the shoes more desirable. Be sure to check back next Monday, as Nice Kicks explains five more sneaker nicknames.

Air Jordan 5 “Toro Bravo” Pack

The popular Air Jordan 5 Pack has been called a bevy of names over the years. The official nickname, “Toro Bravo,” held dual meanings. With Michael Jordan earning his notoriety playing for the Chicago Bulls, the inspiration was obvious. The “Toro Bravo” was named for the “Running of the Bulls” event that took place in Spain. The black pair represented the actual Toro Bravo bull that is known for its energy, aggression, and strength, and is used for bull fighting. The shoe also speaks to Jordan’s display of similar characteristics on the court. The red pair in the pack was meant to symbolize Jordan’s passion, as well as the bandanas worn by the runners during the “Running of the Bulls.”

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