Sneaker Geeks: 9 of the Best Space/Lunar Inspired Sneakers

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In our previous Sneaker Geeks features, we randomly brainstormed interesting themes to focus on; however, this edition of Sneaker Geeks was inspired by a recent historic event. Yesterday, July 20th, 2009, marked the 40th Anniversary of the United States’ landing on the moon.

With that said, we dug into the archives and gathered various Space/Lunar inspired sneakers to complete the fifth installment of our Sneaker Geeks feature. Click here to begin viewing our 9 Best Space/Lunar inspired sneakers to date.

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#9 – Nike Big Nike “Space City”

“Houston, we have a problem.” Many of you have heard those words used on many occasions, yet, you do not know the origin in which they came from. The origin and this Nike Big Nike’s inspiration both come from NASA Johnson’s Space Center located in Houston. Its speckled outsole (resembling a star-filled sky) and its planetary ring on the heel gives the shoe an overall futuristic, out-of-space look.

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