Sneaker Freaker Puma Blaze of Glory

Apr 25, 2008 | Matt Halfhill |


When getting the great opportunity to work with Puma on a co-brand collab, Woody and the Sneaker Freaker team opted for something different and untouched. Since the Clyde has been drafted for almost every recent Puma collab and many of the other models have been seen, the finger pointed to the Puma Blaze of Glory – a silhouette that has not been seen in ages since its release in the early 90’s. True a few pairs of the Blaze of Glory did release last fall, I am confident this special make up with Sneaker Freaker will give the shoe the relevancy to culture it deserves.

The Puma Blaze of Glory was much ahead of its time in terms of design, but still held characteristics of late 80’s runner flare. The shoe fits almost like a sock hardly even needing any laces. Something else that is worth noting is that the shoe does not have any branding on the side or upper except for a small Puma logo on the back of the shoe which is sure to cause people to ask even more questions about them. Lastly, the shoes featured the cushioning seen Disc Blaze – Trinomic. This cushioning system is an interlocking network of hexagonal cells designed to yield maximum support and stability on impact. For this shoe the system extends under the entire foot making for a very comfortable shoe.

The Sneaker Freaker Puma Blaze of Glory released at shops world wide today, but to just 6 stores in North America. View the full list and more detailed shots of the shoes at Sneaker Freaker.

Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory


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