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“Life’s too short for boring shoes.” – Scott of SWB Artwear

For the man behind SWB Artwear, sneaker customization is more than just a hobby or a business: it’s therapy. While many people personalize their sneakers simply to differentiate themselves, or to make money, Scott B of SWB uses his art as an escape from his spinal deformity. His interest in the craft started when he had to undergo multiple surgeries for the difficulty that left him extremely limited in motion. Growing restless from the inactivity, he combined his love for painting and sneakers to create a therapeutic getaway. Two years later, SWB Artwear has hit its stride, and Scott is progressing his painting by exploring airbrushing and customizing all makes and models from the Air Jordan 6 to multiple Converse Chuck Taylors. Find a preview of SWB Artwear’s recent creations in the gallery below, and check out their website here. Drop your feedback in the comment section at the end, and keep Nice Kicks bookmarked for everything sneakers. is a media outlet that compiles notable news and happenings related to the sports footwear industry. Nice Kicks, LLC does not, and does not intend to manufacture, create, sell, distribute, or advertise the aforementioned sneakers.

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