KickPosters’ Signature Sneaker NFTs Sold Out Within 13 Minutes

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KickPosters has been a longtime presence in the sneaker community, creating digital art of all your favorite sneakers. Designer and Illustrator Dan Freebairn is the man behind the art and the visionary behind the KickPosters Signature Sneaker NFT Collection. For this project, Freebairn created 777 sneaker illustrations, all unique 1-of-1 NFTs, that feature Freebairn’s signature silhouette.

Freebairn’s Signature Sneaker NFT Collection is an extension of his work within the footwear industry, a culmination of 7 years of experience with brands like adidas, Reebok, Puma, and more. As Head of Illustration at Aglet, Freebairn is an accomplished digital designer and well-known within the Metaverse. Freebairn used an algorithmic approach to create the 777 unique Signature Sneaker NFTs. Using over 100 different traits, the individually illustrated elements take inspiration from familiar NFT traits and projects. Each colorway is randomly generated and is designed to reference the sneaker scene and some of the most hyped real-life sneakers to ever release.

The KickPosters Signature Sneaker NFT Collection dropped on Feb 10th via All 777 NFTs of the collection sold out within just 13 minutes, for 0.077ETH each (approx $250). At the time of purchase, collectors who bought a KickPosters Signature Sneaker NFT didn’t know what sneaker NFT they would receive. It wasn’t until the next day on February 11th, that their NFTs were revealed. Since then, 287 ETH (approx $847,900) has been spent on Signature Sneakers on the secondary market, with the highest sale being 3 ETH (approx $8,800) for the all-gold colorway. Several established NFT collectors bought-in on the secondary market, including Doodles co-founder Poopie, who purchased 12. Collectors who are interested in purchasing a Signature Sneaker NFT, can visit Signature Sneakers on OpenSea. For more sneaker news and release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

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