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Exit 36

Located in Americana Manhasset shopping center, Exit 36 has been one of the places to go to when it comes to kicks in New York. Exit 36 has been giving sneaker lovers the latest in kicks and apparel since May 5th, 2007.

They carry all the usual brands in footwear such as Nike, Jordan, Saucony, New Balance, Supra, Creative Rec and a slew of others. Click here to learn a little more about the shop and it’s manager/creative director. In addition, check out photos of the store after the jump.


Name: Micki Angeles

Tell us a little about you and your position at the store: I’ve been an avid collector for many years since I was a young scrap. Now with five years of footwear retail experience, I’m the manager and creative director for Exit 36. I help with the overall running of the shop, and I do some blogging at

What makes your store special? What makes our store special is our neighborhood. We are located in the Americana Manhasset shopping center, where a cluster of high-end, high-profile stores are. We are mixed in with these prestige brand names, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Theory, Ralph Lauren and many others. We’re not saying that we are better than any other store/people. It’s just very eclectic.

Shoe that got you hooked: The shoe that did it was the Air Jordan IX OG white/black-red. My dad bought them for me, my brother as well as himself. Since that day, I was gone.

Last pair you purchased: Timberland Abington Chukka Boot

Favorite pair you don?t own: Call me a purist but a pair of FLOMs and ZOO YORK first series SB.

Amount of pairs you own: As high as 200+, but now I’m just short of 60.

Top 3 of all-time: Air Jordan III, Nike Air Safari, Puma Clydes (not in any particular order)

Which upcoming release are you looking forward to?: Nothing in the sneaker game really caught off me guard. But, the re-retro releases of the Air Safaris and the Air Max 90 Infrareds are some sure, double pair winners.

If I was not a human being I would be a bear.

One reason why shoes matter: Coming from NYC, the sneaker culture was heavy since you were a youngin’. You had to have the flyest gear to show off to my friends and the masses. Now that I’m older, I grab the flyest gear to prove to myself that I work hard. Shoes just seem to be my first purchase when looking for a dope outfit.

One reason you love shoes: They look good, and it makes walking a hell of a lot easier.

One thing that you dislike about the shoe game: The shoe game is overflowing with merchandise. It’s all so over-produced. I take it as a challenge to maintain who I am in what seems to be a flood of uniformity.

Anything else you want to tell our readers? Support your local shops and always stay positive. Also, don’t forget to check out for the latest in the shop. We now ship nationwide with phone orders. God Bless.

Exit 36

Exit 36

Exit 36

Exit 36

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