See How Michael Jordan Earns and Spends His Fortune

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Michael Jordan is a very wealthy individual. His worth goes far beyond just that of being “rich,” as does his worldly influence on business, sports and of course, sneaker culture. Business Insider recently took an inside look at the life of the world’s greatest basketball player to see just how he earns and spends his ever expanding fortune.

It’s no secret that MJ makes hundreds of millions of dollars in Jordan Brand royalties year in and year out. But with other mounting business ventures and an increasing $500 valuation placed on the Charlotte Hornets, his empire continues to increase tenfold.

Like all other billionaires, Jordan has no problem spending the fortune that he earns. Though not frivolously in terms of what he generates, and ultimately retains, MJ indulges in spoils such as mansions, private jets and yachts – all things billionaires typically own and for all intents, deserve. See for yourself in the clip below as we all marvel in the Jordan lifestyle.


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