Is This Rick Owens’ New Footwear Collab?

Yesterday, the good folks at i-D broke the news that Rick Owens and adidas have parted ways. They were keen to point out while the union left on good terms and that the next footwear venture from Owens would be a collaboration with Hood Rubber Company, previewed at his Spring/Summer ’18 Show.

Digging through the archives at Vogue, new footwear far removed from Springblade or Tubular was featured in said show, though still very attached to the designer’s raw yet progressive aesthetic. Seeing it in person in Paris, Vogue’s Luke Leitch described it as such”

“The shoes were sneakers with laces held by scattered D-rings, hiker-style, and big badass tractor soles that made you fear for the models as they descended those stairways from above (one slipped, but recovered in time before tumbling).”

While the looks deviate far from the sleek, sturdy and heritage styles featured on the Hood Rubber Company website, i-D does state that said collaboration did debut at the pictured show. What’s releasing or what’s co-branded is unknown to us, but what’s for sure is that they’re all interesting and playing well to the designer’s ethos and the chunky midsole trend that will thrive with baggier bottoms. Peep a preview below.