Reebok Makes Custom Shoes for Tallest Man in America

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As sneakerheads, it’s easy to get caught up when it comes to missing out on releases or not being able to find that perfect pair. For Timberwolves fan and America’s tallest man, Igor Vovkovinskiy, finding any pair of shoes was a challenge. The 7’8″ Rochester, Minnesota resident has been largely homebound for years and unable to find shoes that fit since grade school. Such issues have resulted in limited activity and numerous surgeries.

That all changed on Thursday, when Reebok sent him a life-changing gift: several custom pairs of sneakers designed specifically for his size 24 10 E feet. The shoes come as the result of a trip to Reebok headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts, where the brand molded and produced shoes for Igor. While it’s reported that all this work cost Reebok $25,000, a bill they covered, the gifts are truly priceless for the big man. “I’m going to be able to go to the store for groceries or the hardware store if I need to fix something at my mom’s house,” he said.

Source: Ball Don’t Lie

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